Outdoor Updates: WV fishing license applicants can now opt into organ donation

Outdoor update: WV fishing license applicant can now choose organ donation

  With the passage of the Senate No. 613, an organ donor was registered in West Virginia. Except for driving licenses and ID card applications, the state has become one of the first options registered as organ donors when providing fishing or hunting permits. This achievement was the joint efforts of the Oregon Rehabilitation and Education Center to donate the West Virginia, West Virginia DNR and Governor Gim Justice.

  Governor’s justice said: "Registration is a simple behavior, but it can save life." "I am proud of providing this choice for the leaders of West Virginia to provide this choice."

  A non -profit organization in New York aims to connect the remote areas of the Adiidak Mountains through the hut system, just like the entire European hut to roaming system. The organization’s "small village to the cabin" tries to help adventurers travel on foot in the Adlockki Mountains, riding a bicycle or paddle for several hours or days without having to carry more than the daily care.

  The organization is mainly funded by the New York State Council and the New York Department of Environmental Protection. The organization said that the first trip should go in the summer of 2020.

  Biologists and technicians recorded record -recorded wooden nests in South Carolina in 2019, which is the highest in the history of the state. The state records the 3,075 wooden nests of 26 colonies, breaking the highest point of the 2,512 nest records recorded in 2016. Among the states surrounded by the states, averaged 2 wooden chicks reached the era. The federal recovery goal is 1.5 per nest.

  In 1984, wooden maggots, also known as "wood must be thought". Added to the list of endangered species in the list of endangered species in 1984. Thanks to the repair of wetlands for many years, the scope of Muzheng has developed from Florida, Georgeia and Alabama, North Carolina, to South Carolina, southern South Carolina, and South Carolina. Corolina and Mississippi. In 2014, the status of wooden 濒 on the list of endangered species was upgraded from endangered threat to threats.

Fridays on the Fly: Fishing the Rap

Friday immediately: fishing rap

  After a few more actors lineups, I walked to the side and tried it. The same result. We decided to move up to the upstream and scare the three larger stir -fishes to our swimming pool just fishing.

  It has become a repeated theme. My brother and I camped and fishing on the Pippi River on the border of the National Park of Cirrillary State. The steep and narrow boulders are scattered on its free bed. This Abbarachia Creek flows through the dense hardwood and cinnamon forests from the DoubleTop mountain. Herbert Hoover found his beauty that was fascinating, so that he established a hut resort on his source to escape the Great Depression.


  It attracts my brothers and me, and enjoys a reputation in the main Brook Muroy Creek in Virginia and supports a large local fish that is prosperous. In most Virginia streams, the ten -inch Brook is a pig. In rap, ten are average, over 16 years old.

  It is not important if catfish will not bite the end of the line. We see fish everywhere, but no one wants to cooperate. When the sun began to start on the first day of our start, I met a small "Dink", and Charlie was less. We decided to say it withdrew and restarted in the morning. The two Omaha -bull -rowing dinner on the coal of our bonfire is not enough to perform insufficient performance on the water.

  During lunch, I experienced every fly in the box. Even this model created by the local legendary character Harry Murray for these waters, even Mr. Rapidan did not produce any model. In the end, Charlie and I became so frustrated, so that both of us agreed to pick up a fly and persist in the rest of the day.

  I settled on a olive wool bug. This is a recognized unwavering choice. At least it will bring me a fascinating opportunity to fight, because we have not seen a lot of risers. Charlie has now been fully rebelled. He has a clumsy and strange creamy stem flies and can only be described as "street moths". It imitates insects that have hatched on these mountains over the past 100 years.

  The sheets of the gray mountain base rock are wrinkled in winter, and the moss is partially covered in the dense mountain forest, and it is scattered into a clear swimming pool. The head of the swimming pool is getting deeper. Here, there are two small waterfalls on both sides of a mountain -made tree. These mountain trees find home on the rock wall in the middle of the river in a certain way. On the downstream of the waterfall, an impossible big shadow below the surface revealed a huge stream catfish and then put his house under the tree.

  Charlie cracks in this swimming pool first. A beautiful side arm fell on the mountains and wood branches. The flies landed gently for a few feet in the place where we saw the shadow last time. It slowly drifted with the current and then exploded. I yelled and jumped from the place of squatting to the left of Charlie, but his anxious face did not reflect my excitement. He said, "That’s not my flies," I realized that he was right -the fish ambusted something in the water next to the "moth".

  Charlie has no doubt that he has completed his drift, and then re -loaded another attempt (we used to decide before that the leader had only two actors, so the bet was high). Another perfect casting and drift. This time, the fish hit the surface like a torpedo. When it was launched from the water, there was no doubt that the creamy wings in the mouth were not misunderstood.

  It has the muscle fence and bright colors of the local catfish. The catfish has been fast and spent in cold landscapes. We can see that the blood -red capillaries behind G board bend their heads like Tarpon. A few seconds later, the hook was released, and the fish disappeared under the waterfall.

  Both Charlie and I estimate that the size of the fish is 18 inches. Remember, although the fishermen who have problems are my brother, he and I have never had such an inappropriate relationship. Both of us agreed that it was unacceptable to throwing wool bugs into this pool. We returned to the camp, then took a few miles, and returned to the Lanling Park Avenue without saying too much.