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Fridays on the Fly: Standing In A River Thinking

Friday immediately: Standing in the river and thinking

  You turn and see it: the perfect 100 -yard ripple catfish run. It flows from the rolling ripples to the fog fog’s mist, and it falls into a rapidly hitting pond, which constitutes a vortex and slows down the tail. Over the years, no soul has come here, or you like to think. This is why we have a fishing permit. The favorite flies or volunteers are facing the contempt of spouse when you are late for four hours due to "car trouble". They know that this is just a huge fishing story.

  For more than a decade, I traveled this country and sang from a dirty bar to a rural club to a rural club to use the beer store hidden in my hips, but it was not until a few years ago that I became two novels: folk songs and fishing. Recently, I wrote too many mediocre fishing songs, and no one heard it. Come and think about it, I can only say a few fishing songs worth talking about.

  Now I am old, with my first beautiful daughter. I know I should fish and sing, close to my home in La Ben, Georgian Asia. We have gorgeous lakes and blue lines to supply fish along the wild and incubation farms on each hillside. TV shows have covered our fishing. The book has been written. Now, I like to hook big mouths or chase crispy skin on the next water, but once I give me a virtuous discovery flying rod, and hook 16 inches on Tallulah to hold rainbow catfish, I The goal is obvious.

  Now, I have collected too many rods and water leakage. Line, feathers, fur and hooks are too rich. When I started fishing in Tallulah and began to notice very few flying fishermen, I started looking for their fishing places. I learned that the good fishing fishing of the feather -related feathers seems to be a preserved secret, otherwise you must leave Rabun to White County or Cross into North Carolina. There are great water in North Carolina, because delayed harvest/fishing and release flow or hidden above the sound of corn hanging. Oh, yes, Rabun has delayed rewarding on the powerful Chattooga, but it is provided by South Carolina. We do have a small but satisfactory flight shop in Reeves. For a tourist town, it seems that we lack a customer who is usually a fly fisherman.

  I have two children in this great country to visit musicians, a beautiful wife and a broken music industry. Therefore, before our daughter came, we began to look for a house that could be repaid within 30 years. After twenty properties, we found a place listed as "the dream of catfish fisherman". The former owner established the location in 1978 and lived here until he died a few years ago. In those years, all the gardens and birds’ asylum have become pheasant and toxic things. But the water looks very "catfish". I have to find the answer.

  Therefore, one morning, I was adventurous and passed through weeds and weeds along the weeds under the bridge. Within a minute, a street underwater sprinted at me and hit my legs. This is too big for the fish in this stream, although my thoughts immediately thought of Cat fish. After a few days of thinking, I decided to be a Muskrat for some time. Although I did see some evidence of "fishing", the cans of corn and Bush lamps, I immediately started to connect to the head of catfish and keratin.

  When I reached the top of the property, I held 13 catfish and lost several times. I later learned a small part from DNR, just above the property. This is the grandfather as a public channel on the road. When casting on the land between the road and the stream, the huge splash attacked my upstream. I turned to the upstream, a huge deer was swimming along the stream to this hole. She didn’t care about me fishing there. Less than 20 seconds later, I hooked down the largest fish on the day from the road of the deer: 15 -inch brown catfish on Cream Mopfly.

  I rushed to my wife home and told her that this was our future. My dim bar and a crumbling stage of life may have to rest. I can see the future of the family. We can build a utopia. I mean, isn’t this what we desire? Happiness, sustainability, community? I discovered a private catfish stream with a camping site, setting up a stage and sustainable culture on the river. I chased singing songs to change your dream -I don’t know if these shows are for me or they. But now, I have seen a place for all of our people, as well as the art of fish fishing and protecting the arts in our beautiful areas and culture: incubation camps and art farms. Find happiness. Peace fish. Living art and culture. We can try.

  Scott Low is a songwriter, a flying fishing guide, and the owner of Hatch CAMP and Art Farm, a private flight fishing camp and guidelines of Clayton, Georgia.

Hometown Heroes

Hometown hero

  At 5 o’clock in the afternoon on Wednesday. You want to go out after a long job or go out after class, but you don’t have time to drive for two hours to go to your favorite hiking or Crag.

  Athletes and adventurers from the central and southeast of the Atlantic show us their favorite attractions in their hometown and how they regularly reach the outside. 

  Greenwell, South Carolina State

  Aimee Trepanier in Red Rock Reserve.
For Aimee Trepanier in the off -road race, the more time you can spend during the day, the better. 

  She said: "When I realize that I can transition from running to off -road, and incorporate a long period of time, this is the reason why I attract me." "If I do n’t be outside every day, I have serious mistakes in my life."

  She found the easiest way to go outside. She went to work every day.

  Trepanier said: "In most cases, I either run or ride a bicycle on a swamp rabbit trail. This is just gold for me, and there are many people living in Greenville." "This trail almost connected to almost connecting The main part of Greenville. I live at the end of the traveler’s rest, but I work in the city center. " 

  The swamp rabbit trail is paved, which can be commute well.

  Trepanier said: "If I need to ride a bicycle on the main road, I am very satisfied with this." "But many people are not, this is not super safe. Therefore, this path allows you to leave the main road, only pedestrians, only pedestrians He is super safe and beautiful. You cross the city, community, and real parts like swamps. Then, it connects you to the urban waterfall park area, you can add additional mileage around you. "

  However, when Trepanier wanted to take some real paths in this city, she went to Paris State Park. 

  She said: "This is actually the center of Greenwell." "You can easily get a position of 15 to 20 miles. It provides you with everything, from technical terrain to difficult climbing and exquisite elegant fragments. Know everything well. "

  On the weekend, Trepanier will drive for about half an hour to Jones Gap State Park or Table Rock State Park to get more trails and mileage.

  She said: "These trails are not only well maintained, but also very interesting, but they can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the difficult waterfalls." "They are easy to reach. You don’t have to plan all day around the event and travel."

  When she did go to PISGAH National Forest or Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Trepanier ensured all the equipment to keep all the equipment to keep Your own motivation.

  She said, "If I want to drive, I will live in the car." "I have a bucket of all off -road equipment, extra clothes, water bottle. The investment to pay for it is a bit invested. But I found that if I can put It is placed in my car, please put it on me, so there is no real excuse to go out. "

  Virginia Lishaman.

  Angelo Wash is one of the top bicycles of Rich.
Entering his fourth -grade racing downhill, the mountain bike Angelo Wash kicked it to a grade.

  He said: "I think I will move to Cat No. 1 to challenge and promote my more strength this year." "I play baseball at the level of competition, I am just competitive, so I must continue to move forward. I look forward to challenging. The last step before you move towards PO Pro is almost the last step. "

  Originally from Richmond, there were many Wash bicycles in the city.

  He said, "The place I like the most is the first place I was introduced to Powhite Park." "I can walk from my work to this place. When I just want to escape and cycling, this is my most me I like a small place. I can leave work, just there, and then ride for an hour. "

  Just on the way, the James River Park system also provided a place to escape on the water.

  "You can be 30 miles in this city, but still see the skyline." "That’s really good. I have a few friends, especially once they get hot, they will make a circle on the river, they will make a circle on the river, and they will make a circle on the river. Then I know the next thing, those guys swim in the river. When you go down the river, there are many things to do. After the riding, you don’t have to pack up and go home. "

  Both parks are located in the town and offer the small trails that Wash want.

  He said: "I like natural functions." "Don’t misunderstand what I mean, I like the runway. Everyone likes the runway. Powhite is still very primitive. It still has the roots, ruts and rocks. The same thing, but your altitude and distance are a bit more. "

  Wash (WASH) was close to his new home in Pirisburg, Virginia, and found a quieter place to ride on the trail on the Petersburg National Battlefield.

  He said: "It is more dual -track than the monorail, but you can get a good 10 miles there." This is a cool website because you are actually on the battlefield. You are seeing the big meteorite pit. They still have Canon. You can ride along the Appomattox River. It is similar to the function of the James system, but many people do not understand it because it is Petersburg and still appears. "

  When the warm weather rolled, washing the car in Snow Shoes Park in West Virginia conducted more intense training for his downhill activities.

   "I call it my backyard and home outside the home, because once summer starts, I will always be there." "Last year, I stayed on the snowshot for 32 days. I think we only have 90 days. summer."

  DMV (Columbia, Maryland, Virginia)

  Gabrielle Dickerson climbed in the Casey Jones area of ??Xinhe Canyon. /Photos of Stephen Smred
Although the history of the museum and the center of Washington has received a lot of attention, people living and playing in the DMV area know that there are many things to do outside.  

  Gabrielle Dickerson is a mountaineer of life and work in southern Maryland. There are many choices outside. 

  She said: "My favorite place, especially to make my friends do not climb outside, this is a great waterfall park." "This is a very good top ropes. People outside. For Hao Shi, the first position of my climbing outside is the Silver Spring Park. People have opinions on this, but it has a special position in my heart because it is my history. The first place to go to the stone. The first boulder is a walking trip two to three minutes from the parking lot. If you want to perform endurance exercise, if you want to perform endurance, you can perform endurance exercise. Make a lot of warm -up climbing. "

  She said: "Patapsco State Park is very happy to go out and stroll around after get off work, because I am in the office behind the computer all day." "So sometimes I only need to go out. Then grab the beer. "

  If she wants to climb the whole day, Dixon will go to Frederick, Maryland to Catoctin Mountain Park or Cunningham Falls State Park.

  Dixon said: "I really like that area, because it is not only a climbing place, but also a great hiking place." "Therefore, if you bring friends who are not enthusiastic about climbing, they can walk on foot. Travel. Cunningham Falls, you climb up the waterfall, there are four to five different boulders climb a lot on them. After that, there is a lake we can wander. "

  In one week, Dixon will travel to several earth climbing stadiums in the region. One day on the weekend, she also served as a rock climbing coach at Earth Treks Hamden. For those who are interested in entering climbing, Dixon remembers the feeling of starting.  

  She said, "Don’t be scared." "I remember my first day to travel to the earth to trek Rokville, everyone seemed to know what they were doing. I don’t think I belong to me Novice. If you want to climb, embrace it and play happily. "

  Now, as the leader of a brown girl, Dickerson is helping more people to experience the sport.

  Dixon said, "I like to bring people climbing." "Don’t think you will have a burden on anyone because you don’t have that experience. Because we all have no experience. I am very grateful to the people outside We have always wanted to be the resources of others. We all belong to rock climbing space. We all belong to outdoor space. "

  George’s Columbus.

  The Hagrov family on the Chattachi River. Photos of Melissa Hargrove
Hargroves is a family composed of six white water kayak athletes who start exercising due to its position. Matt Hargrove has just started rowing when it was destroyed in the Chatahoochee River, Columbus, Georgia.

  The community gathered together to build a city Baishui Center in the city center. After the park is over, this has become a thing of the entire family. 

  "Melissa Hargrove) said:" We focus on doing things as a family and have Chaota Hutu White Water Park in our town, which enables us to make us a family and do things outside. "Five miles away from our house. This is just a beautiful training ground."

  Hargrove, a 15 -year -old Mason, is currently ranked nationwide in his age, and will participate in the World Championship on behalf of the United States in July. The 11 -year -old Makinley Kate and 9 -year -old Mary Claire became more and more comfortable on the water and began to compete. When Mathis was 5 years old, he just got his first Christmas kayak and put on Flatwater, although he would walk down the rapids of his father’s leg.

  "We have amazing white water," Hagrov said. "Sometimes people don’t understand what we are in Columbus, Georgia. The families and children there are not as much as we want. We hope that it should not only focus on making amazing skills in the waves, but this may be an interesting family time . Our warm water and multiple functions are suitable for everyone. From flat water to IV levels, our entire family has different ages and exercise capabilities, and we can enjoy the connection and refreshments brought by the river. "

  This year, Hargroves collaborated with WhiteWater Express and Team River Runner to host a Thursday throw on the river. 

  Hagrov said: "Every Thursday, our families will have kayak for people to try, and we will provide guidance there." "Just to attract more families and individuals on the water, learn our movements, and learn our movements, and and learn, and learn our movements, and and learn, and learn our movements. Encourage others to make a little motivation and adventure, and families of any size, including children of any age, can like to jump into kayak or SUP board. Transparent

  When the family is not on the river, they are enjoying the Chatta Husaki River Board and Columbus Center.

  "Let’s ride a bicycle and find a picnic place," Hagrov said. "There is a splash pad in summer. There are drifts and zippers. During the hot summer period, when we are not in the water, it is interesting to the room in the climbing gym. There are many things to do there."

  Hargrove said these moments, the family can gather there, bringing her so much happiness.

  She said, "Go out there to do it with them." "When we go to baseball exercises, when football or dancing, we are sitting on the sidelines to watch them. This is interesting, but whether it is in a kayak Do it with them, this will create the memory they will continue to move forward with the children. " 

  Nashville, Tennessee.

  John Harding and his family. /Photo is provided by Harding
When a super athlete John Hardin looked around Nashville, he did not see any extreme athlete activities. He cooperated with his adventure partner Cody Goodwin to start Hardwin Adventures and created these activities. 

  "The entire goal is to establish an off -road community in Nashville."

  In the seventh year now, they have held seven running activities and paddle activities in the area.

  "At the beginning, this was very stressful and difficult, because we didn’t have a community." "Now, we have a huge volunteer army to come out and help. All these off -road runners have really accepted it."

  Harding has explored the large park in the area since he was a child, and is now transferring his sense of adventure to his son. On Monday, father and son went to climb rock. 

  "This is basically something he feels satisfied with." "He only did four routes, but only four years old. It is a small thing to lay the foundation for his foundation." 

  Nashville has two locations in the city, providing various routes for beginners and experienced climbers.

  They swim on Tuesday and run together on Wednesday’s local Christian youths. In other days, Hardin spent time to explore the area alone with friends.

  He said: "I want to say cautiously, but there is a huge game reserve next to us, called Cheatham County Game Reserve." . You must be careful. If people are hunting, you should not be there. But when people do not hunt, you can go. "

  When he has more time, Hardin will go to northern Tennessee to explore the Daanancha National River and Leisure Area. 

  He said: "I think that Danan fork is the next climbing place in the south." "The walls there are great, there are many. People just don’t know. Because there are no trail systems in some areas, it is difficult to follow the way."

  Kataba River (North Carolina Charlotte)

  Calm down on the Kata River, or stop in the Rock Climbing Center in White Water, rope, mountain bicycles and white water drift. 

  Philadelphia Pumptrack (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

  This bicycle park is free and can be opened to the community in the center of Philadelphia. They even have a bunch of bicycles and helmets for tourists.

  Traditional trace (Kentucky Star in Kentucky)

  In 12 miles, the traditional trail linked the central center of Liechangtun, and the park was linked to the park and the park with Kentucka Park. 

  Saluda and Broad Rivers (Colombia, South Carolina)

  In the center of the South Carolina State Parliament, Saruda and the wide river met, forming the Convari River. Whether you are looking for an rapid or rapid buoy, you will find that one of the Columbia River is suitable for you. 

  Path Parkway (Atlanta, Georgia)

  Path Parkway may be only 1.5 miles, but it connects several important places in the center of Atlanta, including the century -old Olympic Park, Coca -Cola’s headquarters and George Asia Aquarium.

  Karnava River (Charlston, Washington) 

  The Canava River winds through Charlston, connecting the urban area, the green space and the West Virginia State Parliament Building. Through the beautiful floating objects of the mountains and forests, please check one of the tributaries of Kanawha, that is, the Walhonde Water Trail of the Coal River. 

  Greenway, France (Ashville, North Carolina)

  Walking next to the long history of France, running or bicycle, passing the heart of Ashville. Or put on the kayak, stand paddle board or pipe in water for summer buoy.

  Frick Park (Pennsya Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

  In this 644 -acre park, there are many places to explore. Run along nine miles of running along the trail, reach the Monongahela River, or look for more than 100 birds recorded in the park. 

  Kenper Park (Charletsville, Virginia)

  There are a few miles around Thomas Jefferson MontiCello’s magnificent trails, admiring the magnificent scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains, local species and outdoor open -air theaters displayed by Botanical Garden.  

  For North Carolina photographer Cathy Anderson, her love for art begins to be young. A photo of a young girl published a negation in the dark room with her father.

  Most of Anderson’s early works were concentrated on portraits, but when she found that Linville Gorge was in the backyard, she began to enter landscape photography. 

  She said: "Sometimes, my life as a portrait photographer will become so busy that I will pick up the camera and lose on the top of the mountain." "My enthusiasm is Limville Gorge. The rest of my life is hiking, because it has some very beautiful things, and every corner has different things. "

  From there, Anderson began to meet more people with more adventure communities, and they introduced her a brand new world. 

  She said: "I discovered a huge enthusiasm, starting to shoot and highlight the athletes in the world I like very much." "Adventure photography is the reason to help me enter today."

  Gao Lin, long -distance hikers and explorers, Anderson now calls her adventure family, helping her find her niche market in the photography world.  

  She said: "They are doing what you have never thought about." "They seem to be like rock stars, for me. When you think of rock stars, you think they cannot be close. If you just take adoption This kind of restraint, and then say hello, they are some of the most loving and supportive people you have ever seen. They share the center love for something, whether it is high line, photography, hiking, etc. Provide help, and collectively respect the environment. I only spent a step surrounded by the world and community I never thought of communicating with me. One day I came out to participate in a senior meeting. You will understand. "